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A day filled with celebrations is over. My kid is tucked to bed hours ago. He was tired – and happy. It  has been a good day. Spent together the two of us and spend with our closest family; my brother and his wife and kids and my parents. 

MT have gone treasure hunting for his gift, he have gotten sweet gifts from his visitors and then we spent hours together. An easy dinner, some coffee and tea, a few cakes and MT’s wish of jello as dessert.

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In the evening a friend called to congratulate him, throughout the day (and earlier this weekend) a few SMS’s ticked in too. Nice to know we have friends that care and make an effort to reach out. I only wish some of them lived closer so we could invite them over more often.

I’ve taken a bunch of photos. More, I think, than all of February…. I’m going to share a few with you, but not today – tonight all I have is a few instagrams, since those already were online.

This is just a few words summing up our day, before I head to bed as well.

I can hardly believe my sweet little boy is 9 years old. How did he grow so fast? I see a lot of changes in him these days, he’s so much more grown up, he takes care of things, he can be left alone for a while without him getting himself into too much trouble and we have conversations about the earth around us, the animals, the dinosaurs, the solar system, how different people can feel and act, our faith and more -or less – everything (even girls and feeling, but don’t tell anyone I said that!).

And as much as I love that sweet little boy, I’m starting to be very found of this growing and changing boy as well. Most of all because he still is sweet and funny and serious and kind and curious and creative (and more!). I can not wait to see what the days and years ahead will give of good and happy memories. And then I pray for wisdom and patience in the difficult times that I’m sure is bound to come as well.

MT has been my treasure ever since I met him. He’s named after my Grandfather on my mothers side, and his name is so true = Gods gift.

Daily instagram | Birthday Boy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY! May there be many more years to celebrate life with you!

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