Birthday Treasure Hunt

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Chandelier Birthday Treasure Hunt | Keramik

Tomorrow (or in just a few hours actually) we are going to celebrate MT’s birthday. He have been waiting for tomorrow to come all day long. Anticipating both the gifts and the visitors.

To make the morning hours, before our guests arrives, a little bit more fun – and also because he loves a good treasure hunt – I’ve hidden his gift somewhere in our house.

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Boot Birthday Treasure Hunt | Book

To get there he have to follow photo clues to different spaces in our home. In each of these spaces there are also hidden a letter, that he has to find before he’ll get the next photo clue.

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Cup Birthday Treasure Hunt | Towels

When he have been to all the spaces, and found all the letters, he have to make a word with them. This word will then tell where the treasure is hidden. It’s going to be fun following him around. I hope to shot a few photos of him and the excitement and rush to find the treasure. Wishing for better lighting conditions than tonight when I hid the letters and took the photo clues. It was pit dark around here before I got to start, since I had to wait for him to fall asleep. No fun in him discovering where and how until tomorrow is here 😉

I’m also planning on starting Ali’s week in the life one day early. I don’t think I’m going to take as many photos as last time – but I do hope to document the details of our week non the less. I’m planning to share here on the blog each evening (about the day before), but I’ll see what will happen – the week is pretty busy.

Are you planning to join in too?!
Taking photos of our life, both the special days and the every day ones feels like treasure hunting to me. Sometimes I need that to actually see how much I have to be thankful and grateful for. Participating in Week In The Life is for me a great way to slow down a little, see what our life looks like and tell the small stories of what makes us us. I can’t capture everything that a week holds, but something is so much more than nothing.

Wishing you a Blessed Weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Treasure Hunt

  1. Aimee says:

    What a fantastic idea for a birthday–love, love, love it!
    Have a very happy birthday MT and may this year bring you many blessings:)
    God bless you,

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