Week In The Life 2012 | Day #3

Tuesday was work and school for us. From morning till almost five in the afternoon. I have not taken any photos of that. That is something I decided before I joined in on Week In The Life again this year: I’m not bringing my camera to work, I’m mostly happy about capturing the things we do together. The two of us.

So here is a few snippets from our day. I took fewer photos this day since we both spent so much of our day not together.

First something that happened while we drove home together. I asked how school had been and what they had done during the day. MT told that they had wafels at school – and then he suddenly remembered how his Great Grandma used to make us wafels – ‘and they tasted better than anyone else’s!‘ He haven’t spoken about her for so long and it was so nice listening to all of the other things that he loved about her. And I wholeheartedly agree with him that we miss having her around us (she died 3 years ago, 98 years old and I think it is awesome that he remembers her so well).

I decided this was the day to make a proper dinner. MT loved the thinly sliced carrots. I love the orange color. It tasted delicious and reminded me of dinners at home on the farm (not the carrots, but the other stuff).

Week In The Life 2012 | Dinner

After homework, playing Wii and spending some time outside with his bike. MT still had a few minutes before bedtime and he had nothing to do (that he was allowed to do, since he already had used up his Wii time) – so I challenged him to a board game. That he, off course, won. He’s good at those.

Week In The Life 2012 | Board Game

Week In The Life 2012 | Board Game

I loved all the sunshine/light that fills our living room at this time of year. I used a timer to put my self in the photos too.

Week In The Life 2012 | Board Game

Hope you had a few moments captured of your day as well! Happy snapping 😀

PS: I’m planning to get to bed a little bit earlier tonight than the two previous nights. I’m tired. It’s the smart thing to do. See you tomorrow!


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