Tall grain and selling the house

Today we (finally) went by our old house to check it out a little. The grass has grown so. much. it’s crazy – and quite some job to get it all looking nice and freshly cut again. But we will get there. In a month or so we are planning on selling the house in the woods. We really do not need it anymore and we do not have the money to pay for it every month either. There are lots to do before we sell, though. Cleaning, tossing and figuring out the best way to “put it on the market”. I do wish I was better at this, usually I just push it ahead of me thinking I can do it another day. But not anymore. I’m not paying for that house another winter. There. I said it. Now all I need is to do it. (Good thing I’m on vacation).

Anyhow, we went by the farm as well and had a nice afternoon and evening with our family. I was glad to see my mama much more happy and her self than I felt she was last weekend – and it was sweet to spend some time with my brother and his family as well.

We took a little walk between dinner and coffee – and I snapped the one and only photo from our day.

Daily Instagram | Tall and swaying

This is an old type of Rye grain. We call it Svedjerug – I have no idea what to call it in English. It was used as a perfect grain to sow in newly made field. After the tree and bushes were cut they burned it right there in the field and then they sowed this type of grain in the still warm ash-filled soil. They sowed it so early that the grain germinated in the fall for the sheep and cows to gras on before the cold winter months came. It would lie dormant during the winter and then germinate again and grow into tall swaying grain during the summer months.

I love that it is so tall. It reminds me about my dad’s grain from when I was kid. All the grains grew tall back then. I loved to run and hide in it (even though it was not allowed). Seeing these tall grain sway in the wind makes me happy. I hope we can grow this kind of grain on the farm for a long time. And maybe we’ll even have animals that can gras the newly sowed crops in the fall – like they did in the olden days?! A lot of things are fantastic and great about the time we are living in right now – but something, like some of the food and the way we produce our food – was better before. I want that back. The fresh, the local and the seasonal. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts from our day – feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments. Hope to see you around.

Blessed be!


The Summer Feeling

A few weeks back Karen of Chookooloonks told she wanted to make a little summer camp of sorts for those of us loving using Instagram. So each week (on Monday) she puts up a blog post with the word or theme for the week. She call it InstaCamp, and I find it such a good way to capture The Summer Feeling as we experiense it. I love that these photos are small snapshots into our life, just as it has been these last few weeks we’ve already been camping.

So far we’ve had these prompts: Sunshine, The Great Outdoors and Water. And here are my photos:

InstaCamp | Sunshine
InstaCamp | Sunshine InstaCamp | Sunshine
InstaCamp | Sunshine Daily Instagram | Sunshine

Daily Instagram | The Great Outdoors
InstaCamp | The Great Outdoors InstaCamp | The Great Outdoors
Daily Instagram | Colorful Good Night

InstaCamp | Water
InstaCamp | Water InstaCamp | Water
InstaCamp | Water InstaCamp | Water

The very best thing is that it is so easy to participate; just add an # and the word instacamp (like this: #instacamp) when you post your photos to your instagram roll. If you jump over to Karen’s blog today you can see she featured one of my images from this week (that made my day!) – next week it might be your photo you can find there if you decide to join us at camp.
Wish you all a great weekend with lots and lots of photo ops.
(Btw: I just ordered a new BIG camera, can’t wait for it to arrive – but that is a story for another time. Now I need my beauty sleep or else I’ll be cranky mama tomorrow and that is NO FUN!)

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