And with this the real vacation is ON!

So good to be back with good old friends! Looking forward to stay here for a few days and all the talk + coffee + laughter. MT is looking forward to meet a friend he hasn’t seen for a couple of years too. This is going to be good. Vacation rocks! (Especially when it is the no-washing of house kind of vacation). I’m going to enjoy this!

A few photos from our drive up here:

Summer Vacation 2012 | sleeping boy Summer Vacation 2012 | raining Summer Vacation 2012 | mountain view
a little sleep for a tired kid – some passing rainy weather – a spectacular view from our car as we stopped for some food

Summer Vacation 2012 | the ferry Summer Vacation 2012 | old memories
We got the last night ferry and came to our friend late instead of early 😉 Right now we are enjoying our first day here – and MT is ready to borrow the laptop. He has been for half an hour. See you later!

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