Summer Vacation 2012 | getting there + day #1

For a couple of days now we have been enjoying time together with good old friends on the west coast of Norway. It’s good to be here where we used to live five years ago and just hang out with the people we miss and hold dear.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m letting the images do the talking, but if you want to read a few words you can jump over to my flickr account with a click:

summer vacation 2012 | me in the car
summer vacation 2012 | MT & the mountain
summer vacation 2012 | ferry in the middle of the night
summer vacation 2012 | crossing the fjord
summer vacation 2012 | a not-so-early morning
summer vacation 2012 | swimming pool
summer vacation 2012 | the computer nerds
summer vaction 2012 | my friend
summer vacation 2012 | summer smile

Summer vacation is something really really nice. Makes you wanna smile all day long!

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