December 12.12

This day did not go exactly as planned. I wanted it to be the best day ever. The rare twelve, twelve, twelve. It wasn’t. I might have disappointed. I was not the best me that I can be, but I tried. I really did. To pick myself up again, to sparkle the urge to try again I’ve decided to make myself a thankful note – TWELVE thankful notes – to remind me that most of the things in my life are good, and mostly I’m good too.

THANKFUL #1 : Being a Mama. I’m blessed to be mama to the very best son in the world. Objectivily speaking off course… Sometimes he drives me crazy, but then – just when I need it – he tells me he loves me and makes me sweet notes and drawings.

THANKFUL #2 : Where I live. I live in a country that is just beautiful. Both with snow and without.

THANKFUL #3 : Wood + Wood Fire. I have a wood fire to keep me warm during the cold winter months. And my dad brings me wood to feed the fire.

THANKFUL #4 : Friends. I have friends that loves me and understands – even when I’m not the best me there is.

THANKFUL #5 : Advent Star. The stars in my window makes me happy. It reminds me of the old days where we used to count the stars in the windows to make the driving from here to there go a little bit faster; and of all the Advent seasons I have celebrated as an adult in my own home. I love this season, as hectic and busy as it is.

THANKFUL #6 : Family Time. The time I spend with MT is precious. I love that he sometimes opens up and tells me stuff he’s been thinking about. I love the hours we’ve spent reading together – and all the movies we have watched too.

THANKFUL #7 : Work. My work and my colleges. Not always easy, but giving and meaningful.

THANKFUL #8 : Traditions. Especially visual now during the Advent and Christmas season. The old one that I’ve brought with me from my childhood and the new ones that MT and I make now.

THANKFUL #9 : Extended Family. They are an important part of our life and I love that MT feels so connected to them and wants to be with them all the time.I look forward to celebrate several of the days of this season together.

THANKFUL #10 : Faith. My believes in something larger than me. It is my work and my life.

THANKFUL #11 : ScrapbookingI love that there are so many ways to (digital) scrapbook – some is just words, some is just photos, some is mostly pretty paper – but mostly it is all of it combined. I can not imagine telling our story any other way.

THANKFUL #12 : Photograping. Both with my big dSLR and with my iPhone. Snapshots of our life. I love looking through them. Remembering.

The pure act of just writing this down as it came to me makes me feel so much better already. And tomorrow is a beautiful new day with clean sheets. I like that! Here are a few photos from this day. Hope your day had some sparkling moments too!

Snow Play Sunshine in the office Snowy steps Our Tree BlueAdvent Lights


December Daily | Day 6

The days are coming and going a little fast right now, but I’ll try to get at least one story down, today it’ll be two.

The first one is about a sweet tradition for Thursdays: I make MT hot cacao to bring to school, since they have Outdoor Day. And just about every Thursday I start my work day a little bit slowly with a cup of hot cacao in my hand. It’s the small pleasures in life that make life grand and when I first make it for MT I might as well make enough for me too. It’s a good tradition. And a good way to start the day (at least once a week).

Homemade Hot Cacao Thursday Tradition

The second one is about our tradition of writing down Wish List(s) on the 6th every December – on St. Nicholas Day. I was sure our day was too busy this year, but in the end MT managed to get it down.

You know, mama, I have just a few things to write this year. It will go so fast, he said and wrote on:

Writing his Wish List Wish List
Short and sweet:  Games for PS2 | Money | R/C Helicopter

I’m not so sure about that chopper though, they break way to easy, but I also know that that is what he really wants. Though decisions for mama this year. Thankfully he do tend to like a lot of things and the last day he has been adding to the list as well, so a few more things will, for sure, make him just as happy as these ones will.

Still quite a few more days left before Christmas. I like that! Wish you all a good weekend!


December Daily | Day 5

Movie Night

Another day filled with work and school – but this time we had nothing planned for the afternoon and evening and we both got off early. This meant plenty of time together by the wood fire (it really is the best place to be on cold, cold days such as these!) – so we made it a Movie Night and watched a Holiday favorite: The Polar Express. This is our third year seeing it during Advent, so we can now call it a tradition, can’t we?! I love how MT several times during the movie shout out:

“Look at that, it’s almost impossible to think someone drew that! It is so well made! Wow, so talented”

Below is a screen shot I took of the movie during one of our little breaks.

Skjermbilde 2012-12-05 kl. 18.09.08

This was also the night were MT decided what we should have for dinner. Meat balls with red sauce and pasta. One of his favorite things. He had to help making it too (even though he didn’t want to that much….).

Pasta Jar MT in the kitchen

Yep! It was a good day!


December Daily | Day 4

It was a cold day indeed. Most of the day we spent at the office (me) and school (MT) – and when we finally came back home again the house was really cold.

Cold View Keeping Warm

So we lit the wood fire and kept close to it.

Wood Fire Wood   Wool WoodLiving Room

I miss spending the few hours by my self (after MT have gone to bed and before I have to crawl in too) in my living room, but right now I’m staying in the kitchen where it’s somewhat warm. I think I need a couple of new wool blankets to keep me warm during this winter. It’s like I’m freezing more and more for each year. MT laughs of me for using layers and layers of wool socks, but it’s the only thing that can keep my feet warm and cozy. I could use a new wool sweater as well.

I think I need a couple of sheep too, now that I’m thinking of it, to make sure that there are lots and lots of wool around at all times. Good thing I’m a farmers daughter! LOL.


December Daily | Day 3

This day was all about driving. I spent most of it behind the wheels as I helped my dad transporting some grain from the farm to a mill around 100 km north of us. I did not mind. Much. But his car was icy cold on the feet, there was something wrong with the heating system, I think, sending the warm air up but not down. After driving for several hours, I really noticed.

In the mirror Driving home Views from the mill

In the evening MT came with me to the farm again (to keep mom company, bring home some more wood and to pick up my own car). My brother was there as well (I did not know that until I came there), nice to chat a little with him – and so thankful for him being the stronger one so we actually managed to get the door, to where my dad keeps the good wood, open…

Uncle O

When we got home we lit the wood fire, but as I went to bed it was still quite cold throughout the house. I want the warmer weather back. Please! The snow is welcome, though.


December Daily | Day 2

The First Sunday of Advent is all about tradition around here.

MT | December 2 Cold | December 2

First the special service where the Confirmants goes in procession with candle lights in the early afternoon, we sing Advent and Christmas songs and listening to readings from the Bible about the child that shall be born and bring light to the world. It’s one of my favorite services during the year, but it also is one that take a lot of effort to put together – and there are usually quite a few things that doesn’t go as planned, but we try to roll with it and make the most out of any situation – we don’t care much about being perfect and flawless in our church anyway.

Afterwards we go with torchlight over the bridge and to the place where we have our village Christmas Tree. We gather around the tree and sing a song or two before it is lighted and the holiday season official has started in our rural part of the world.

MT and the torchlight Torchlight

I love it. And this year MT was all into it too, even the torchlight part of it (earlier years he have been a little scared of the flames). I was so happy to see him embracing this experience and walking proudly with his torchlight held high.

When we finally came home we watched The Santa Clause as we ate our Evening meal. A really good day indeed.


December Daily | Day 1

December 1st snuk up on me this time. Big time.
But still I managed to find the good old advent calendar, write a note to MT and make a puzzle for him to solve in the morning. So it did not go too bad :D

Celebrating a birthday tonight :) and it's almost the first Sunday of advent! Enjoy the moments that makes you smile. WHITE #ssdecember @shuttersisters

In the afternoon we went to celebrate my SIL’s birthday. She had decorated the house and it was so nice to spend some hours with her and the rest of the family. Nothing fancy or big, just us, the family, enjoying time together.

Setting the table

MT had looked forward to be with his cousins all day long. He love spending time with them, but I never think he would have thought that he would be going home with a new hairdo. He was so proud of it and could not stop talking about how fun it was to get those curls flatten out a little for once.

Sporting the new hairdo Tumbs up for the new hairdo
Thank you I, you made his day!!

………………………………………………. and with that December is off to a good start! Look forwards to the days ahead :)

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