December Daily | Day 1

December 1st snuk up on me this time. Big time.
But still I managed to find the good old advent calendar, write a note to MT and make a puzzle for him to solve in the morning. So it did not go too bad πŸ˜€

Celebrating a birthday tonight :) and it's almost the first Sunday of advent! Enjoy the moments that makes you smile. WHITE #ssdecember @shuttersisters

In the afternoon we went to celebrate my SIL’s birthday. She had decorated the house and it was so nice to spend some hours with her and the rest of the family. Nothing fancy or big, just us, the family, enjoying time together.

Setting the table

MT had looked forward to be with his cousins all day long. He love spending time with them, but I never think he would have thought that he would be going home with a new hairdo.Β He was so proud of it and could not stop talking about how fun it was to get those curls flatten out a little for once.

Sporting the new hairdo Tumbs up for the new hairdo
Thank you I, you made his day!!

………………………………………………. and with that December is off to a good start! Look forwards to the days ahead :)

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6 thoughts on “December Daily | Day 1

  1. Helen says:

    Hi :) It was a very nice birthday :)
    So fun to se you have been walking around photographing in my house without me knowing it.
    Glad to see you are back blogging again.
    I have a give away right now if you want to take part.
    I wish you a wonderful time of Advent.

    • anneberit says:

      Thanks! And I even have a few more photos from your house, but these were my favorites :) Hopefully I’ll be blogging every day for all of December, or something close to that.

      Enjoy your Advent – and a giveaway, wow!

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