December Daily | Day 2

The First Sunday of Advent is all about tradition around here.

MT | December 2 Cold | December 2

First the special service where the Confirmants goes in procession with candle lights in the early afternoon, we sing Advent and Christmas songs and listening to readings from the Bible about the child that shall be born and bring light to the world. It’s one of my favorite services during the year, but it also is one that take a lot of effort to put together – and there are usually quite a few things that doesn’t go as planned, but we try to roll with it and make the most out of any situation – we don’t care much about being perfect and flawless in our church anyway.

Afterwards we go with torchlight over the bridge and to the place where we have our village Christmas Tree. We gather around the tree and sing a song or two before it is lighted and the holiday season official has started in our rural part of the world.

MT and the torchlight Torchlight

I love it. And this year MT was all into it too, even the torchlight part of it (earlier years he have been a little scared of the flames). I was so happy to see him embracing this experience and walking proudly with his torchlight held high.

When we finally came home we watched The Santa Clause as we ate our Evening meal. A really good day indeed.

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