December Daily | Day 4

It was a cold day indeed. Most of the day we spent at the office (me) and school (MT) – and when we finally came back home again the house was really cold.

Cold View Keeping Warm

So we lit the wood fire and kept close to it.

Wood Fire Wood   Wool WoodLiving Room

I miss spending the few hours by my self (after MT have gone to bed and before I have to crawl in too) in my living room, but right now I’m staying in the kitchen where it’s somewhat warm. I think I need a couple of new wool blankets to keep me warm during this winter. It’s like I’m freezing more and more for each year. MT laughs of me for using layers and layers of wool socks, but it’s the only thing that can keep my feet warm and cozy. I could use a new wool sweater as well.

I think I need a couple of sheep too, now that I’m thinking of it, to make sure that there are lots and lots of wool around at all times. Good thing I’m a farmers daughter! LOL.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Helen

    That looks very cold – I think you have to move to the farm to get the sheep right away.

    1. anneberit

      Hehe, but maybe not just yet 😉

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