December Daily | Day 6

The days are coming and going a little fast right now, but I’ll try to get at least one story down, today it’ll be two.

The first one is about a sweet tradition for Thursdays: I make MT hot cacao to bring to school, since they have Outdoor Day. And just about every Thursday I start my work day a little bit slowly with a cup of hot cacao in my hand. It’s the small pleasures in life that make life grand and when I first make it for MT I might as well make enough for me too. It’s a good tradition. And a good way to start the day (at least once a week).

Homemade Hot Cacao Thursday Tradition

The second one is about our tradition of writing down Wish List(s) on the 6th every December – on St. Nicholas Day. I was sure our day was too busy this year, but in the end MT managed to get it down.

You know, mama, I have just a few things to write this year. It will go so fast, he said and wrote on:

Writing his Wish List Wish List
Short and sweet:  Games for PS2 | Money | R/C Helicopter

I’m not so sure about that chopper though, they break way to easy, but I also know that that is what he really wants. Though decisions for mama this year. Thankfully he do tend to like a lot of things and the last day he has been adding to the list as well, so a few more things will, for sure, make him just as happy as these ones will.

Still quite a few more days left before Christmas. I like that! Wish you all a good weekend!

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