Digital Scrapbooking | March-13

I’m still scrapping happily away. Not as many pages a month as I might wish, but at least a few. I especially love to play with colors. This is one of my favorite ways to relax and enjoy all the good things in our life. Small stuff and bigger happenings. Here are a few made for March 2013 edition of the digi files:

Winter Moments Credits: Papers and elements from Through the viewfinder. Font: Soymilk
Words: Winter has it’s moments. I enjoy it with my phone in hand snapping photos of the beauty I see. Coffee does help too. sunshine and coffee makes winter so much easier to handle. – photos snapped at the farm when I visited for a few minutes a Saturday; January 5th 2013

Three Wheel Joy Credits: Papers and elements from Love Story by Wild Blueberry ink. Fonts: EM Photogram and DJB Liz
Words: Talk about getting happy! You got to borrow L’s three-wheel bike and off you went, swinging and turning like a little mad-man. D joined in and you two made a contest of it, look how you turn your head to see behind you – you surely wanted to be the first. Thankfully you guys let L bike for a while also, even though she’s not in the photo. You friends sure know how to have fun together! (24. feb 2006)

Here are a couple more of my favorite layouts from February and January (please click the images for description and credits):

favorite_bite-web the 2 of you My 2012 Mug Shots

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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