Being there | Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday
I’m not sure if you have been there today, in your mind, together with the people gathered by the gate. I’m not sure if you have laid down your clothes or taken branches of the nearby threes for the king as he approached. I’m not sure if you took part in the shouting and rejoicing: Hosanna! I’m not sure if you followed him into town where he sat down by the temple entrance to teach and heal.

I’m not even sure if you like the idea of pretending being there. Pretending to hear, to smell, to participate and see. But I will highly recommend it. It’s a great way to make the story come to life. It’s the only way to be there yourself, even thought it’s been years and years since the event happened.

I like to do it. I like to pretend. To hear, smell, participate and see as good as my imagination can make it happen. Some stories is easier than others. Some times in my life makes it easier as well, and some make it harder.

When I think about this story I try to hear the carefree joy in the peoples voices. Hosanna! The king is here, we have no worries in the world. I think about how easy it is to get carried away with this joyful song and shouting. How it is contagious and how it spreads through the gathered people.

The children takes part in the joyous occasion too (off course). Later in the day they can be heard by the temple shouting out their Hosanna! Laughing and having fun as they relive the moment by the gate, again and again.

I want to join them in their silly singing. I think that this is just the kind of silliness that gets God himself to smile with us.

So swing your palm, sing Hosanna from the top of your lungs and meet the king of kings with joy. I’ll be right there next too you joining in as well.

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3 thoughts on “Being there | Palm Sunday

  1. Aimee says:

    How many times have I read the story about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and yet never imagined what it would feel, sound, look like if I was there–in the crowd, giving praise to the King of Kings. Of course, I’ve seen recreations of this event many times in movies, etc. but it is quite different to imagine actually being there as a participant rather than just a spectator…and more meaningful to I think.
    Have a blessed Holy Week!

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