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I’ve thought a lot about the feelings the biblical Easter stories holds this week. There is the simple, easy joy that is contagious, but isn’t deep as we meet it in the crowd on Palm Sunday. The wonder and worry as we read through the happenings on Maundy Thursday and the sorrow of Good Friday.

I’ve been thinking about Jesu’s friends and his followers, the closest few especially. How did they feel? How much did they understand of things as they happened? What would I have felt if I lived through the days together with them? (The easy answer to the last question: all the feelings possible, from good to bad – and back again! But, wow, what a week!)

open grave

Easter Day is a very special day. It’s the day that we celebrate the impossible. That Christ is risen. That hope is restored. Only, this day is not filled with the carefree joy from Palm Sunday. This is a joy that had a high price, a joy that is deep and founded in Gods love for us. For all of us. First told by the women visiting the grave, not expecting anything else but to do what tradition and love asked. Instead they met an empty tomb and an angel giving them the best message any human have ever been told to deliver: He is not here, he is risen from the death! No wonder they hurried back to the others, no wonder their voices filled with hope and joy as they told and retold.

Every day I felt a little bit of that joy. Today I remind my self to savor it, to recognize it, to appreciate it and to share it with others. Happy Easter, indeed!!

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