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This year I’ve taken a lot of little videos of our life and happenings. I hope to make them into films one of these days, inspired by Xanthe Berkeley and her Time Capsules (I’ve attended her class Journey and are highly inspired by fellow classmates as well). As I pounder around how I’m going to make my own films, here are a few that is inspiring me right now – not just by the way they are shot but also by the content.

Check outĀ Tiger in a Jar for even more inspiration.

And here is a favorite of mine by Xanthe. Love the colors!

What inspires you?. Please share in the comments.
Wishing you a happy weekend.
We have the weekend off and are planning to spend it together just the two of us (+ our dog Ferdinand). MT is going to bake(!), he also agreed to wash our dog. I’m going to start making a film from favorite photos + videos shot last summer (wish me luck!), walk the dog and relax. I can also see a movie night and reading of Harry Potter in the immediate future. We have plenty of happenings on the plate for the coming weeks, this weekend is for charging the batteries (so to speak) and being together. Bliss.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    Loved ALL the videos! They were beautifully shot and very interesting to watch (the little boy on stacking wood was delightful–so intense). They all had kids in common—which are one of my inspirations too…my grandkids being a BIG one when they are here.
    Nature is another one of my biggest inspirations…I thrive on trips to rugged mountains, wild rivers and peaceful bays. Seeing such beauty, power and serenity makes me feel strong emotions which then I want to share with others…to bless them in the way I was blessed, and also as a creative outlet. I hope that makes sense; it is late here and I normally don’t blog on Sundays.
    I will be interested in seeing yours if you share them online:)I think you have lots of inspiration in your life!
    Sunday Blessings,
    PS: I wanted to thank you for being part of my inspiration when I put together one of my posts for Holy Week. You got me thinking of how it would have been to be there with Jesus… Here is a link (you can remove it if you want to–I wasn’t sure how else to share it with you:)
    Thank you for blessing me:)

  2. anneberit

    Thank you Aimee! I think that what inspires us also is what makes us happy so I strive to find some of it everyday. Love your list of inspiration – and adding a link (of this kind) is highly welcome . So glad one of my blog post was inspiring to you.

    Hugs and blessings.

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