A Sunday Walk to the River

Yesterday I shared with you one of my recent favorite photos. As I told you I had plenty of photos to share and here is the rest of the story from that day:

We decided, that since we had the day off – and since we had completely been slackers the day before – it was a really good idea to take a walk to one of our favorite spots by the river. Ferdinand (the dog) had never been down by the river bank, so it sounded like a fun idea to see if he liked the water (he SO did!).

the house
As we walked by the house I captured it against the blue sky and saw all the snow on the ground and remembered how the house had shaken as it fell down from the roof a few nights before. MT said it sounded like thunder.

the river
It was a nice little walk, filled with lots laughs as MT slid and fell (over and over again) on the icy road through the woods.

the fall down the only way is up the sliding on icy road the conversations
The walk was also filled with quite a few small conversations between the two of us about this and everything (the best kind of conversations if you ask me).

Ferdinand loved the river Jumping the rocks
Ferdinand was all over the place smelling smelling smelling. And when we came down to the river bank he was just scooting from side to side, dipping his pows down in the cold water and seeming absolutely happy (and a little bit crazy).

the boot MT and the river
MT threw a few sticks and rocks into the water (as usual) and I just enjoyed watching the river, the woods and my boys. Thankfully I brought my camera and snapped away as we walked. Cherish the little moments – that is what I want!!

the woods
Once back home MT gave Ferdinand a warm bath. Later there were comic book reading and recharging of batteries. We all felt so much happier now than before we went outside.

clean dog recharging A favorite Sunday. Thanks for watching.

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk to the River

  1. Aimee says:

    What a paradise you and MT live in…so incredibly beautiful! LOVED the photo of Ferdinand on the toilet after his bath:) We are dog lovers here too.
    Blessings, Aimee

    • anneberit says:

      Thank you. I love to capture the nature around us – and it is extra special when I get to walk it with my favorite people/pets 😀

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