Sunday Thought | Acts 8:26-39

Do you believe, with your whole heart?

Found heart

It was only hours before he had sat there in his carrier not understanding the meaning of the words he read. He most have said it out loud for suddenly there was another man standing beside him asking him: “Do you understand what you read?”. It was Fillip, one of Jesus’ disciples, and as the man went ahead with his journey Fillip came with him and helped him to see how the prophecy came true in Jesus. How Jesus gave his life so others could live, how he was resurrected so we could have a hope for a future beyond this life. 

His whole life got different then and there. Now he understood so much more of what he had read. Now he also understood that he needed Jesus more than he ever had needed someone else, being a man of power as he was. When he saw the water stream ahead he tuned to Fillip asking for help to get baptized.

Do you believe with you whole heart? Fillip answered. And together they went down to the shore and the man got baptized then and there. Changing his life forever.

heart cloud

This week I will live, believe and pray with my whole heart too. Opening up for good things to happen. Living the length and the width of my life. Hope you’ll join me!

Just me.

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