Happier | An app for Gratitude

My word for this year is happy. And on my search for happiness I found this fun app that reminds me three times a day to log something to be grateful for. I have to say that I mostly update the app in the afternoon and evening (when I have some down time) – but at least I stop for a moment and think: what have made me happy today – and then I write it down. It actually helps me to notice and to seek happiness; I have three spots to fill. One fun thing is that I can add photos to it also – and share it on twitter.

Happier app screenshot
The app is called Happier and it’s free. Click the link and learn more about it. And if you do join – feel free to add me as friend.

Small steps in search of a happier life. Not because I need to be happy all the time (no one is – and it’s not a goal to be either, this life of ours is complicated enough as it is – we don’t need to add impossible goals to the mix), but mostly to learn to be grateful for what I have. I know there are some good in the little things. I just have to look and notice.

I’m ending with a little gem from Sunday morning. MT and Ferdinand in bed, one reading – one sleeping, both cuter than words.

Sunday Morning Goodness
Happy I captured the moment with my phone (the camera that is always with me)…

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2 thoughts on “Happier | An app for Gratitude

  1. Aimee says:

    Sigh…no app for Android yet. I can just hear my son, who used to do support for Apple, saying to me–yet again–why didn’t you get an iphone:)
    PS: LOVE this idea….

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