Well, HELLO there June!

You came quickly, I’ll give you that, as I’m not entirely sure where my month of May went. It might have rained away. For it did rain a lot. More than ever this time of year. But it was a nice month too with lots of celebrations and even an unexpected meeting. One of these days I might share what I captured, but not tonight. I’m planning to go to bed before the sun is up again. The June nights are short – and I love staying up way to late!

Moment Captured

But today, I’m just saying hello. Smiling a little and almost crying a little too since I lost my grip on my phone as I shot the above photo (and a few more) – and it fell down in my cup of tea. (yes, I know – I know…). It was down there only a second or two – and surprisingly most of it is working – but the camera is not. I’ve been itching all day wanting to capture moments as they happens: a smile, another cup with something warm in, a couple of friends playing, our dog being cute. In the end I found my big camera. But it’s just not the same. (Although this might be a nice nudge for me to pick up my big camera more often, I love what I capture with that as well…). I’ll admit I was looking up prices for a new phone mere minutes after the current one feel; this is how much this phone is a part of my daily life. It’s almost scary.

Anyhow, June, you came with both sunshine and rain. Please keep the raining to a minimum and we’ll be friends for life. There are a lot of changes in our nearest future, but thankfully also a lot of the same ole stuff.

B is for
How is June greeting you? 

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