Digital Scrapbooking | July 2013

It’s the last day of the month again. July have been a really good month with summer vacation and time with family (we didn’t travel, but I had several weeks off work which was fantastic). The weather this month has been superb, just like the summers of my dreams with sun most days and only a few clouds on a blue sky. Yes!! We so needed that after years of rainy summers!

Anyhow, I want to share with you a couple of Digital Scrapbook layouts done for the Daily Digi with the files for this month. I’m a part of the team there. These days I don’t scrapbook much else, but being a part of the team get me scrapping at least two each and every month.

Firstly a layout made with photos I shot at the lake (I love the reflecting surface!!) around this time last year. I knew I needed the photos to be big for this one.
Reflection in the lake detail | evening by the lake July Favorite | Tired evening by the lake Credits: papers and elements from Coconut Tree by Sara Gleason (part of the digi files of July 2013); template by Yin Designs; font: Courier New and Orator Std | We decided to stop by the lake when we got home, even though it was quite late. The evening was a beautiful one – and when it’s summer the evenings are light and sweet – better take advantage of them before we’ll move into August! (July 27th 2012) | And in the end, when the evening has been there long enough one gets really, really tired even of having fun. That’s when we head back home. Another day by the lake is over.

Secondly I have this layout below, written in Norwegian so MT can read it right away.
Well Played well played Credits: template from Lazy days of summer by Rainy Days designs; papers and element by 95 days of summer fun by Sara Jones designs (both as part of the digi files of July 2013); font: hello and skinny by amy tan | The words is about: I’m so proud of MT for how he is a real team player when it comes to soccer. Today he passed the ball to his friend instead of trying to make a goal all by himself. I heard one of the adults standing by the arena saying: “I would never have passed the ball to another player there” – and I felt even prouder for MT for his team spirit and his way of giving his friend the moment in the spotlight!

That was all I had to share this time. August is right around the corner and soon new designers and new kits will be revealed at the daily digi – and new layouts for me to share here. Wishing you all a wonderful summer in August!

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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2 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking | July 2013

  1. Aimee says:

    Great job! My favorites are the photos shot at the lake with your son in them. MT’s eyes in that close up are beautiful–filled with expression and the red hood just adds to the shot! Would make a great framed photo for your walls:)

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