Hello August!

I’m not all that sure I love you, but I’m giving it my best shot. Please be more warm than cold, though, I do not care for the chill in the weather we’ve been having in the evenings lately. I’m all for summer warmth staying with us for as long as possible. I promise to embrace whatever you’ll send in our way, but I want to add that I’ve always thought of August as a summer month too – so this is me hoping it will be!

To celebrate the start of a new summer month I surprised my self with taking a bath in the lake. It was cold, but not unbearable cold. And it felt good. Nice.

MT have a friend staying over tonight. They are going to miss each other so much once school start and they’ll attend different schools, but we’ll do our best to help them stay in touch. Staying mates even thought they no longer are class-mates!

I’m back at work, it’s alright – but I wish I could have as long vacation as MT – then I maybe would have been more eager to start working again. Now it’s more like: “bummer is the vacation weeks over already?! Can I please have a few more?” Not that I don’t like my work, I do, it’s only I like how we are when we both have our days off. When we really have time to talk, to laugh, to read, to walk, to document, to explore, to be, to build – and I could go on and on. You get the picture.

This summer have been about the move, not only our move – in fact more about my parents move – they are moving back to the house I lived in as a child and MT and I are moving into the house I lived in as a teenager (and where my parents live now). There is a lot of work. A. lot. of. work. Thankfully my brother and family helps as well. Maybe there is a chance we will be able to move our stuff from this house to the farm before August is over. Wish us luck!!

After all this rambling – I’m leaving with a couple of photos taken for July’s day in the life documentation. I’m not finished uploading them to instagram just yet, but when I am I’m going to share more of the day with you. (Here is how I documented June Day In The Life.)
[2 PM] #dayinthelife | me in the mirror [6 PM] #dayinthelife | No thank you

Thanks for stopping by: Wishing everyone a good August – with a warm summery feel (that last part is mostly for us in the northern hemisphere(!) we so need it before winter rolls around again – not that I want to think about winter now. It. Is. Summer. So there..).

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4 thoughts on “Hello August!

  1. M&K says:

    Hoping August brings good weather here as well. Love the photo of your dog! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

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