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In the stillness

Breathe and be still

Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly are overwhelmed by feeling truly grateful, content and happy with your life? As if you suddenly started to breath again after holding your breath too long.

I felt that moment yesterday. Being by myself in the house, making something to eat, thinking a cup of coffee would be nice – and then I was there – filled with the knowledge: no matter how ruff some of my days are, I do live a pretty amazing life.

I relaxed took a deep breath and savored the moment feeling so grateful for all that is good and beautiful in me and around me.

I’ve discovered that moments like this needs me to be still, to slow down, to take time to feel, to reflect and to see me as the Creator sees me. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to  do. But when I do I never regret it. I really needed it now; I’ve been feeling down lately, weighted down with the messes of my life.

I need to remember this, to cherish the breaks, to lift my head up and not only focus on the troubling stuff. I need to remember to breathe and take in the love that God is sending my way. Like sunshine streaming through the window after a rainy day.

For I am loved for being here and for being me.

You are as well! This is me giving you permission to take a little break today, to breath freely and slow down. You are loved for being here and being you; don’t ever forget that!

Breathe + knitting project

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    So sweet are those moments:)

    1. anneberit

      Yes they are! Thank you Aimee. 😀

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