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Summer i August | Day 3, 4 & 5

I’m so happy about this project. It makes me stop at least once during my day to snap one or a few photos. They are not all instant favorites, but together they’ll tell a story about how our August of 2013 went down. At least the best part of it. Here are three more days in photos:

August 3rd:

Summer in August | day 3

This was a rainy day, we even got a thunderstorm going to and from.

August 4th:

Summer in August | day 4

A relaxed Sunday (I may have slept until it no longer could be called morning). After dinner we went out to the lake, on the way out I snapped a few photos of me in the mirror + camera (it was a little too dark in there though). I love this project of mine, making it easier to remember to pick up my camera at least once every day this month (I have decided to savor summer and enjoy August no matter the weather!)

August 5th:

Summer in August | Day 5

The plan was to get a good shot of this branch and flowers, but it was too windy and all you can see are some green spots to the right. Instead I got (by accident) a photo of MT helping his Grandpa; which I loved so much more!

I’m still plugging around, with more photos to share later on. Keep your eyes on the Summer in August category and please do share (in words or with a link to photos) how your Summer in August looks like (and if you do have winter where you are, share that!). I’m doing my best to keep the summer feeling for as long as I can until fall takes over (and then I’ll do my best to embrace that).

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