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Summer in August | Day 6, 7, 8 & 9

Summer in August | Day 6

Today’s rain storm was a heavy one, I experienced it mostly from the inside, with a few moments outside in it here and there during the day. This barn (of sorts) right by our current house (we are moving soon) has been a favorite to photograph. I think it is the color. And the stairs. It got to be the stairs.

Notes from August 6th above, and this is what I shot and wrote on August 7th:

Summer in August | Day 7

Our living room furniture as it looks right now before we move to the farm. Loving how the sunshine comes in through the windows, I love light. Wondering how everything is going to look in my childhood house – with my furniture in it instead of my parents stuff.

On August 8th I was back at the farm again for a few days (MT stayed put at the farm while I went back to the other house and while I worked this week):

He wanted to show of his mad radio helicopter steering skills. I loved to watch.

Summer in August | Day 8

And then there were Friday, August 9th, a really beautiful day! We spent the afternoon down by the red currant bushes:

I decided that we needed to take advantage of the sunshine and good weather by doing things that need to be done out of doors. So I told MT he had to fill a bucket of red currants. It was a long process – but we finished with two filled buckets. (But next time, please remind me of the many hours that comes after this – to make the berries ready for freezing or jam making. I had sadly forgotten). Next time I should use sun protection though, I got burned by the sun after hours out in it. It is still summer and the sun is still strong!

Summer in August | Day 9

I have more photos to share later on. Keep your eyes on the Summer in August category and please do share (in words or with a link to photos) how your Summer in August looks like (and if you do have winter where you are, share that!).

I’m doing my best to keep the summer feeling for as long as I can until fall takes over (and then I’ll do my best to embrace that).

Happy weekend!!

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