Hello Fall!

I went outside, but had to go back in to find a thicker sweater, for even though there were a little bit sunshine, there were also lots of clouds and a chill wind. September is here.

self | september 1
Sitting for a little moment by my self on the front stair @thefarm.
Me and my coffee. My favorite spot.

Embracing that fall is upon us. Hoping it’ll be warm, long and colorful.
What are your hopes for the new season?

Wishing everyone a blessed + beautiful month!

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4 thoughts on “Hello Fall!

  1. Aimee says:

    One of my most favorite months! I am hoping for a warm, long, colorful and sunny autumn season too. But first we have to get by another day of possible thunderstorms and snow above 8,000 feet before we can get back to that warm and sunny stuff 😉
    PS: We have some color changes in some of our leaves–love!

    • anneberit says:

      Love the color changes, we still have to get some colder weather around here before those appear, but I want summer to linger a little bit more so I can wait :) We’ve had a few really warm days and that is just how I like it! Today it’s a bit colder, though, and rainier too.

      Hope the snow and thunderstorm (you get those together? Crazy!!) has passed from your area by now. 😉

      anne berit

      • Aimee says:

        No, the snow was to be on Mt Hood (above 8000 ft.) and the thunderstorms were at lower elevations. Now, since that has all passed, we are in for about 6 days of summerlike weather again…yippee! Hope you get some too!

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