December | day 1 | 2013

Hello December | DecDaily day1

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I’m always good at beginnings, not always so good to follow through, but I can’t stop wanting to do a December Daily album this year no matter how messy and unpacked our life are right now. (And also even though I haven’t finished the last year(s). Yet!) So here are my photos from December 1st; one random kitchen shot of MT and then the rest of them from our annual Service of Light in the church and the lighting of the town Christmas tree that followed. When we got home we were met with 3 elks; amazing animals they are. In the evening I took a purple selfie in the mirror; I was here too.

Winter sunshine | DecDaily day1Light in darkness | DecDaily day1 Across the bridge | DecDaily day1 The tree is lit | DecDaily day1 Funny | DecDaily day1

December | self |

Outdoor lightsElk family

Thanks for looking, hopefully I’ll be by with more photos soon. Happy December!!

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2 thoughts on “December | day 1 | 2013

  1. Aimee says:

    Happy December and Happy Advent to you! I LOVE elk–we just saw some at a wildlife refuge in the coast range and then, later, some more at the beach! They are beautiful animals!
    PS: I am not so great with being consistent either:)

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