December | day 5

December 5th
Each day in December MT gets a card where I write a few things that are going to happen that day. I’ve done this for years – and it’s still one of our favorite December traditions. Today he got Santa candy for breakfast (he made sure to eat his favorite bowl of rolled oats with milk first), some money to spend on the lottery in the evening and the task of writing down his Christmas wish list (witch we forgot to do, so that will be done Saturday, ops).

The 5-card above is from Paislee Press Designs journal cards kit This Day in December. I just wrote them out on my printer and cut them out. The plan is to use them as a little review of the day (on the front), as well our daily planned ‘happenings’ (on the back) – and stick them in my album together with the photos (once I get them back from the printer). My spin on an idea from Jamaica Makes. (I loved her mini-book too, I might do something like that next year… If I only can get around to buy some bookcloth tape!).

In the evening MT went out with his Grandparents, leaving me and Ferdinand (our dog) home alone. I had quite a few plans, but had to scrap it all since I got painful stomach ache and spent the night at the couch with my eyes closed instead. Bummer! (as I write this I’m much better, I think it was something I ate or it might have been a bug (heard those are going around, how fun) – trying to take things slowly to recover fast).

I only took one photo with my phone:

Just a little bit more gaming | Concentrated |

Happy Advent weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Tori Anderson

    Love how you included the December 5th card in the first picture! Awesome idea!

    1. anneberit

      Thank you Tori! I love how simple, yet beautiful these cards are – and so useful to keep track of the days!

  2. Cara S

    That’s a beautiful photo.

    1. anneberit

      Thank you so much, Cara!

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