December | day 6

Movie time

We have this thing we have been doing for years: Reading the Harry Potter books together. Earlier we read a little each and every night, and the first few books were read through rather quickly. After we read through a book we saw the corresponding movie. Lately we’ve been reading so seldom. Sure we have been busy; MT has activities that lasts late at night and I’m at work other evenings, but to be honest we often forget to pick up the book. Not to mention; the books are thick and takes quite a while to read out loud. The other day, after reading the book for months, we finished the first half of the last book. Tonight we saw the movie together.  It was a perfect activity on a Saturday night after a day of being outside playing football (MT) and working with our vacation photos (from October, we went to friends in Faeroe Island) + taking it slowly to recover from my stomach bug (or whatever that was) (me). December are the only month during a year that I really miss having a TV screen in our living room – so we moved it back in tonight – and I’m worried it’s going to stay here, it’s so convenient for watching all our favorite holiday movies.

Advent light New plants Roses

From my phone (in addition to the first photo above):

My favorite football-player Football field | Saturday football with his friends |

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Advent Sunday!

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