December | day 8

Found my Favorite Christmasmug

Normally I have Monday off, as I work Sundays, but this week I had not. I worked from home the first hours, then I went out to meet someone to prepare one of the funerals this week. Then I went back home and finished the day working in my home office.

A couple of hours after MT was home from school we sat down to eat dinner. Then we we set the alarm and worked for one hour vacuuming, tidying up and washing the kitchen and living room. We both worked for the entire hour and got a lot done on our project: getting our house Christmas clean(er). It’s a work in progress.

After all that I made some hot cacao and we sat down and read another chapter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. We love hot cacao. And reading. It was our treat.

Hot cacao for everyone Red mug with stars on hot cacao Hot Cacao

A few from the phone:
Todays view Didn't choose the right shoes today Winter frozen roses Iced fir Coffee is my favorite on a work MondayThat’s a wrap. Thanks for looking. Have a happy December day/night!

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