December | day 10

Was gifted a flower yesterday | nice!

I got a cancellation, so instead of sitting inside when there were sunshine outside I went for a walk. It was good. Really good. The ice hadn’t melted in the roads in the forest, like it has around the farm, so it was slippery. No new record on speed.

So slippery in the woods today View of fields Joy of sunshine

In the evening we watched another of our favorite Holiday movies: Santa Clause. We had some other things planned, but non of us felt up for it. Movie night is always a good plan around here. Especially in December and on nights when I’m on call.

I didn’t take a single photo with my big camera today. These I captured on my phone, edited with VSCO Cam (my favorite photo editing app) and shared. If you want to see what I see on a daily basis, I’m Limez at Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    Blessed Advent to you and a Happy St. Lucia’s Day too! It is great to see you blogging again and from the farm! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing pictures of your frosty mornings, stabbur, farm buildings, candles, your son MT and everything else! I hope you are completely over your stomach bug–it’s funny (but not in a humorous way) but I had something similar this week too. It was horrible 🙁 I am glad to be over it.

    1. anneberit

      Thank you Aimee! So glad to be over it too 😀

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