December | day 11

woking on my album
The story of today is having time for a cup of coffee after MT left for school and before I had to leave for work. The story of today is scraping ice off the car in the morning. The story of today is my annual meeting with the groups of pensioner having a devotion about Christmas. They treated me to a delicious dinner, cake and lots of nice chats around the table. They even gifted me a flower. Lucky me. The story of today is being late for an appointment. I don’t like that. The story of today is shopping groceries. We were out of all the staples. The story of today is driving MT to football practice. He told me to look on my desk when I arrived back home. The story of today is finding a sweet gift on my desk, filled with marzipan colored and decorated by MT (at school). Nice! The story of today is working a little on my December album (see top photo)

sweet gift sweet gift

The story of today from my phone: a self portrait
Hello December
a flower gifted to meWas gifted a fun flower today
and a pair of newly finished wool socks Tube socks

Thanks for coming by. What are your story?

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