December | day 13

my (temporary) bed
This holiday takes it’s toll on me and once again I’m down for the count. So sad for all the things I didn’t get to do around the house, but there was no other choice than to listen to my body (and my neck injury). Kicking myself for not listening soon enough…

the signs of the approaching holiday
Even though I saw more of the sofa and my bed than I really wanted to.

Proud mama moment
MT used most of his day with drawing and being online, but he also walked our dog and organized and purged his clothes. Good job kiddo!

In the evening I started to feel like my self again, thankfully.

Was stuck inside all Saturday

And ended up at my desk working a little on my photos, writing posts and looking over our album (sans photos and (most of the) words) adding a few new yellow post-its for photo placements.

On my desk Saturday evening

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

A cup with orange

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