December | day 14

Celebrating ST Lucia
We celebrated the 3rd Sunday of Advent together. We took a lot of photos while at church and at the Christmas crafts work shop after. And then we baked somethings we call Lussekatter (I have no idea what they are called in English, sorry), a special treat made for ST. Lucia day (that was yesterday, Saturday) and invited my parents over for an evening meal. It was a good day. And a day full of events. Thankfully we got to sleep in since the service was in the early afternoon. I’m so proud of MT for taking many of these photos below, I’m trying to teach him how to work with manual before he’ll get a chance to learn about the ease of auto settings. He has a good eye for photos, just need some practice (as we all do, more or less). Lots of photos below, thanks for looking!

natural energy Tiny bit of white walking up the stairs inside the church me self portrait church coffee crafting MT's smily sweet angel sweet smiling little angel Celebrating ST. Lucia Celebrating ST Lucia Celebrating ST Lucia Celebrated ST Lucia

And, lastly, one photo from my phone; a colorful breakfast:

Making colorful breakfast

Happy 3rd Advent week!

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    We call them St. Lucia buns, but I like the Norwegian word for them better:) BTW, I had one a few years ago and loved it! The handcrafted angels are absolutely ADORABLE and your church is beautiful!
    Advent Blessings,

    1. anneberit

      Thank you! I haven’t baked those buns before (but have tasted, though) – they were delicious and we ate them all in just a couple of days. 😀

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