December | day 16

Morning coffee and some orange
This was really a day where everything happened. Full day at work and full evening at home. In the morning we had staff meeting and a morning coffee whit fruit. I loved how the sun rays came in the window. I really love sunshine at wintertime. The light makes me happy and I try to capture the fleeting moment of bliss.

And with that started my little December Day hunt for LIGHT

Clementine sculpture Sunshine and shadows

Later in the day I had quite a few meetings. But I stood still a second (or two) and took in the view of the river and the mountains. Look at that light in the middle, highlighting the green. I miss my walks by the river now that we no longer live here.

Midday view of the river

In the evening MT had a Christmas work shop at school while I got a little bit shopping done, I was happy to find some light here as well, although this one were man made. Got to love the twinkle lights!

Twinkle lights

Hope you find some light this Advent too! Enjoy it.
Thanks for coming by my little blog.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    I know what you mean about light and searching for it in the winter. Today, light hit our family room from a different angle then I am used to — and I was just in awe watching it light up the cabinets. Light is such an amazing gift–God’s first gift to us after He made the heavens and the earth.
    Advent Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Beautiful tablecloth!

    1. anneberit

      Looking for light is such a good thing in these cold and dark winter months. Since we moved to the farm we get more sunshine (if the sun shines, that is) – and it feels so good. Wish the tablecloth were mine 🙂

      Have a blessed 4th Advent Sunday, Aimee!

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