December | day 19

Twinkle lights

I headed out to work in the early morning and spent most of my day at this church (below). First we had a service for the school children, then for the kindergarten. It was fun. It was scary (it always is, at least a little bit) and it all went good. In the first service I told the story of St. Nicholas, in the second we (as we usually do) played out the Christmas story, with costumes and all. There were wise men, angels, shepherds and, of course: Mary and Josef.

The church door The river

After an additional few hours at the office I went home to take MT to a birthday party.
I loved the look of the farm from the road, no more fog.

Home The old apple trees in winter suit Sunset on a Friday

While MT was at the birthday party having fun with his friends from class, I worked on getting my calendar for 2015 printed – a yearly present to family and friends. I need a couple to go in the mail yesterday as soon as possible – in the hope of reaching my friends before Christmas…

Twinkle lights
Thanks for coming by.
Sorry for the many posts today, hoping to finish my December Daily tale before the new year….. 🙂

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