December | day 21

Good Morning

This morning we left the farm early. We had to stop at the office on our way to church.

At church I handed MT the camera after trying to set the right manual options for it and showing MT what to do if it is too light or too dark. I told him to capture a few photos during the service. What he got made my day.  I can’t even put in words how blessed I feel to have these photos below (and a couple of others too), capturing our church life and the reason why I LOVE my job at Christmas, no matter how tired I might be(come).

at church | treasure chest at church | nativity scene at church | because He loves

Jesus was born into this world because God loves us so so much. He is the first and the best Christmas present. The one that changed the world.

(end of today’s sermon)

at church | the nativity scene close-up

And a couple from my phone. We celebrated my mom’s birthday in the evening.

Lights in the night Funny kiddo

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Many thanks for stopping by my humble blog.
I’ll keep up with the December posts another few days or until finished. After that I hope to be back to January, new beginnings and my one little word for 2015: STORY.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    Awesome photos MT! It was really enjoyable seeing a bit more of your church. Thank you so much for taking the photos for your mom (and us too). LOVE the last picture of you and the one of your mom:)
    PS: A blessed (though belated) birthday to your grandma!

    1. MT


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