December | day 22

MT and the star topper
In the afternoon we were finally ready to dress the tree. We had to throw out quite a bit of our decoration after a few mice had found our box(es) the perfect home this fall. Y u c k.
A bit sad, but most of my most precious things was in another box – and now I can go shopping for decoration – and that is fun.

MT was head manager for the tinsel (with only one objection from me, it had to fall straight down from the star, no swirling around, after all it is the rays from the star)! He put on plenty of it and complained about my objection, but I did not budge. We both were happy with the tree in the end. I have no photos of it all finished, though (see day 24).

I only took photos of my yearly favorite moment: when MT puts the star topper in place. It is one of the things that makes me ridiculous happy for no other reason that it just does. He had to stand and hold the star topper for quite a few minutes before I was finished getting my captures. Like he has been doing every year.

MT and the start topper
We made a few jokes about this being the first year MT did not have to stand on a chair to reach up to the top. He has for sure grown a whole lot the last year – but the main reason is our on-the-small-side tree. We were a little bit to eager to remove the dead branches and cut the tree shorter that is should have been. Oh, well, no harm done. It made MT smile.

MT and the treeSilly kid.

From my phone: A few shots of the day and the weather at the farm.

So glad the fog didn't block out the sunshine today Afternoon view from the farm Colorful clouds captured by MT yesterday

Thanks for stopping by. Hopeful to get this posts finished all the way this year (Y E S!).

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