December | day 23

this years batch
This day was full of activities. We cleaned the house, we prepared the dinner for tomorrow, we got things in order, I prepared for church and MT helped his Grandparents a little.

In the end: we baked ginger bread cookies while watching a movie on Netflix. I was afraid that this would be the year were we didn’t have time for the cookies, I’ve been baking them alone or together with family sine I was a teenager and really wanted it done. So we did. I guess there were a few other things we should have done instead, like wrapping up presents, but baking ginger bread cookies makes me happy, as do these small Christmas traditions that have been a part of me for so long – so the cookies won. Missed baking with the rest of our family, though, like we usually have done the last years. Next year we’ll make that happen again!

baking baking elephant stars

And then a few from my phone:

Watched a movie as we baked We filled our box with cookies He added lots and lots of glitter

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Helen

    I am glad the two of you found time for ginger bread baking 🙂

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