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Favorite Capture | no. 5

Cool Dude credits: word art from Paislee Press: pictures + words no. 18.

A favorite photo from this weekend captured right before our annual Carnival service at church. MT went as a Detective, a real cool one.  He brought pen and paper, and shades to hide behind. He moved around as silently as possible. His coat was an old one, borrowed from his Grandpa. His pants were black. The hat was a little bit too big, but that did not cramp his style. He helped me a great deal during the service by capturing photos and he took many good shots that we can use in our church’s newsletter – but this is the one that meant the most to me – a self portrait of him in the mirror.

Love, love seeing you grow, kiddo.

Favorite Capture is a series of post showcasing just ONE favorite photo. I love to show a whole lot of photos, I want to tell the full story – but sometimes, sometimes, just a photo is enough. Most photos will be new and recent, but there will also be some good old favorite photos every now and then!

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