Sunday | Matthew 18:21-35


Kyrie Eleison, we sing in our churches each Sunday (Norwegian, Lutheran).
Kyrie Eleison; Lord have mercy on us.

We ask for forgiveness like we have done as a church, a fellowship and followers of Christ since he walked among us and did good. We ask our Lord to look kindly on us, even though we have failed to follow his guides and his words. Sometimes it’s the little things we bring with us, sometimes it’s so huge we almost can’t sing the words. Sometimes we struggle with the concept of having to ask for forgiveness, sometimes we struggle with accepting that forgiveness is even a possibility. Sometimes we say the words out of habit, sometimes the words touch the very dept of our being.

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Forgiveness is never an easy fix, neither when we show it to each other or when God forgives us. It can’t be forced; the hurt of the situation is real. It’s hard to ask for forgiveness too, admitting to our self and others that we did something wrong. Owning up to the hurt we inflicted on another life. But I believe in the power of it: to forgive and be forgiven is to set our self and others free – it’s a gift; a new start and a blank sheet.

Summer flowers
Blessings for the week ahead.

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