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Tuesday 11:15

It started out rainy and gray. I hoped to still enjoy my coffee outside. But the wind carried the rain into the porch, so after a little while I went inside again. I started cleaning our bathroom. I put up a new shelf unit (I had it in our house in the woods that we now are going to sell) to make the room a bit cozier and more us. Plus I needed an extra space for our towels.

Tuesday 19:15

In the afternoon the sun chased the clouds away. We got blue sky and warm weather. MT went to soccer practice with his team and I went to town to buy food for our dog and groceries. When I got home I drank another coffee. This time outside with sunshine on my face.

Tuesday 21:15

In the evening the sun set with beautiful golden and pink colors. It was really something. MT and I emptied out my dad’s car (that we used to move some furniture last week). Now our house is a little bit on the full side, so I’m trying to figure out where to put the extra furniture before they can go to the place where I really want them to stay. We still have quite a few places and rooms to clear out before we finally can say: We’re all moved in! But first: my mom needs a new bathroom at her place. Next week I plan to spend some hours helping her out as good as I can. Never a shortage of things to do, that’s for sure. Sometimes I’m not feeling it, but really: it is a good thing.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Aimee

    Lovely, lovely view you have there–love the stabbur! Blessings to you and MT. Good luck with the new bathroom for your mom’s place:)
    God bless,

    1. anneberit

      Thank you! We need some good luck for that bathroom đŸ˜€

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