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Today we woke up to a little tiny layer of snow.

I’m still driving with summer tires, so not ideal, but I kind of love that we’ve gotten snow too. Guess I know what’s on my list today. It’s cloudy and the fog is rolling in, hoping it’ll lift later on.

I miss spending more time outside. But it’s getting colder. And I like to stay warm-ish. I’m finding myself boxed up inside. Drinking my coffee there instead of outside as I did all summer and long into the fall. Even our dog goes to the door sometimes when he sees me walking with a steaming mug. He miss it too.

Yes, I miss the warm weather of summer, but some days – like last Friday – the sun is shining and the forest is calling. I went out there. Got myself up and out. Put my sneakers on and had a walk and a run in the forest as the sunshine spread it’s cheer.

That was good. It really really was.

I should do that more often. I think I’m going to schedule it in. On sunshiny days. So glad also the winter season has a few of those!

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