Not just any Friday

Being a church-person and a pastor I can’t help but letting the stories of Easter influence my days. Even when I have the day off from work. These are not just ordinary everyday days. They mean something special to me.

Today is Good Friday. It’s been a quiet day.

I’ve been to church.
I’ve enjoyed the sunshine.
I’ve been outside for a long time although there was a chill in the air.
I’ve been on a walk in the forest.
I’ve listened to podcast and read both books and blogs.
I’ve even baked a cake; I had the time and the craving.

All day long I’ve been carrying the story of the cross with me in between all else the day has held. Remembering sorrowfully and thankfully. He didn’t let us down, he carried it all with love. A love that conquers all. A love that gives forgiveness and hope to the world; to me.

Some water coloring before bed #watercolor #ilovecolors #shuttersisters #weekinthelife #witl16 #witl16_limez #colorful

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