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Happy Easter

This morning sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee in my hand, thinking and getting ready for todays church service and sermon, my thoughts wandered to the week behind us, so much a week of vacation for so many of us living in Norway, with no school and several national holidays with closed stores and offices all over the country. How many of us thinks about the stories behind these days, of the reason for the celebration?

Easter Sunday Quiet

I guess most people know about Easter Sunday and the empty tomb, but there is so much more; a specter of feelings and emotions. After living with the story on and off for the last few days, I feel the joy of this day. The jubilee day of Easter Sunday is so welcome, a sigh of relief after a rough few days; the light so warm and inviting. Nothing feels totally hopeless anymore; Thank God! I need this truth and belief in my life: that love is mightier than any darkness and hate. That life defeats death. That peace is worth fighting for.

2013-03-31 at 12-46-29
Today we decorated with colorful flowers in church and I put on the white color of joy and happiness; Happy Easter indeed!

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