Sunday – Week in the Life

Our day started with a sleep in. We both took advantage of that! So much so, on my part, that I had to eat my breakfast in the car as MT and his mates warmed up for their last match of the tournament; I didn’t prioritize time for food while still at home, I’d much rather spend another 10 minutes in bed.


I brought my coffee as well and enjoyed listening to Tsh Oxenreider‘s new book: At home in the world while I waited for the match to begin. A good start too my day.


MT and the boys ended up winning their match 2-0, it was so fun to see they play so well together and I was so busy watching the game + chatting with the other mom’s that I almost forgot to take photos. The one I took isn’t good at all, but it’s what it is. He’s a runner, my kid.

Afterwards MT caught a ride with one pf his friends and headed back home while I went to work.


I had lots to prepare and think through before our service at 5 PM. Each of our 47 youths in this year’s Confirmant class had their own task in the service; some read, some brought in flowers and some knelt during the Kyrie Eleison prayer (and a lot of other small and larger tasks). They all did such a good job, I’m so proud of them.


I was tired by the end of the day. So glad to drive back home knowing that tomorrow is my weekly day off.


I read a few blogs and relaxed after a really busy week, so did MT. I made us some popcorn and we both watched a few videos on You Tube on our different screens.


My seedlings seems to be doing good. I’m afraid I’m a little bit late with both the chili and the tomatoes, but we’ll see. Hoping for some produce this year around. Note to self: keep watering them! Next I have to start the kale, I think I have at least four different kinds that I want to grow this year. #gardeningdreams

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This has been a busy and good week, so glad I have it documented here. Now I have to figure out how to build the album. I’m taking my time though.

You can read so much more about this Week in the Life project on Ali Edwards site. And see how her Sunday went.

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  1. Valerie

    Miss you my friend! Great to see you are all doing well. MT is so grown up!!

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