September Moments

Colorful pumpkin

A few good moments from our life lately.

I love the summer season and are reluctant to fall in love with autumn. But it will grown on me, it always does. I think it is the colors of the season that draws me in eventually. This year I bought a few pumpkin locally grown. I like to support the ecological business around me. Hoping to add a few new recipes to our favorites as well.

Coffee for you

After a little shopping for school and football (soccer) we treated ourselves to some fancy coffee.

In my hand

We eat sweet red apples each and every day. At least one each. Bought at a favorite ecological farm nearby. I’m going back for a new box soon.


I love walking in the forest. I don’t do it often enough. This day I got the craving and went out there. It’s not by our house, but I needed the sound and smell of a real waterfall. The only good thing all this rain have brought.


This season, so far, has been all rain and (almost) no sunshine. It’s been so hard to harvest our grain crop. Only the Spelt harvest are gathered so far. Maybe that’ll be all we can get this year. I hope not, though. I was so looking forward to trying out our new-to-us crop of Emmer. Praying for lots of sunshine, warm weather and some wind in the coming weeks.

Hope your days are good. 

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