Sunday | John 8:2-11

Rocks in sand
One by one the rocks fell to the ground.
Only the dust in the air left the mark that they were ever once hold.

Didn’t even one of them condemn you? He asked.
No, Lord, she answered; knowing full well that there was one man left that could.

The man in front of her; that had bowed his head when she was thrown down in front of him and did not look at her in her shame. The man that wrote in the dust and held no rock in his hand in the first place.

Neither do I, he said looking up; Go! And sin no more.
His eyes were full of forgiving, love and hope.

She could start over again now.
No rocks were thrown that day. No hope shattered.
And no silent prayer of forgiveness went unanswered.

Rocks in the sand

We meet the same eyes, the same love, the same hope and forgiveness when we (although thrown down by or sins and wrong doings) dare to look for Jesus and ask for a new chance.
He is still answering those prayers with a heartfelt yes.

Blessings for the week ahead.

Last summer

searching for crabs to catchcatching crabs

These last couple of days we’ve had kind of nice weather. But not nice warm weather, there seems to be a chill in the air no matter how much the sun tries to shine (#norwegiansummer).

I miss the nice warm summer weather.

Looking through some of my photos, I found quite a few from our visit to dear friends + the western part of Norway last summer. The first part of that vacation had such good warm days, almost too warm honestly. But I want more of such days: summer like we dream about on cold winter days.

Pretty please!

Clear water

Summer habit

Lime(z) coffee mornings

I’m a summer lover. I want the season to last for weeks on end with warm, sunny days. This is not always the reality of our Northern summer. (Honesty: it never is.) So this summer I’m adamant to spend as much time as I possibly can, on our good warm days, enjoying the sunshine throughout the day. Even if I only can squish in 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

From where I sit | summer edition Hello morning

I’ve made it a habit to bring my morning coffee outside to enjoy it in the sunshine. I’m also snapping a few photos with my phone to capture these small moments of the summer feeling I so highly crave. Hopefully this will also help me embrace the season as it is.


I usually share a couple of photos from our day on instagram, quite a few of them have been coffee-cup and sunshine related lately. I call them #limezcoffeemornings

What summer habits do you have?

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