To love each other…

…is one of our highest goals as Christian! The most important thing. But how???

Paul gives us a load of tips in the text set at September 5th this year (Norwegian churchyear): Romans 12:9-15

  • let the love be sincere
  • keep to good things
  • love each other as brothers and sisters
  • honor one another above yourselves
  • keep your spiritual fervor
  • serve the Lord
  • be joyful in hope, patient in hard time and faithful in prayer
  • share
  • practice hospitality
  • bless and do not course
  • rejoice with those who rejoice
  • cry with those who cries

Puh! It’s quite a list, – I’ll say! Can we do all these things??

Not in our selves, I think, – but by Gods love traveling through us, we can. ‘Cause the love must come from him, not ourselves. All starts with Gods love toward us, without it we can do nothing! With it we can even love our enemies!

Good thing Gods love is a gift given freely to us, with grace!
May God Bless You with His Love!



As a pastor I work with sermons, so each week, around the middle of it, I will write down some thought’s around the text for the coming Sunday. I have worked with sermons for kids, and have kids and youth as a focal in the congregation. Of cause much of what I write are for adults as well.

My Prost (which is leading the pastors in an area) have a site were I post thought’s about children and service on a regular basis. This site is in Norwegian:

Here on the blogger I will write in English, and use stuff from the site with link above and more.

Think sermons and service with me!!
In Norwegian: Tenk preike og gudsteneste med meg!! c”,)


It’s kind of fun…

Now I’ve got som words in place here and there. I understand how many things work – but I can’t publish a picture (in the litle box abotu me!!), I don’t know how to find out the URL adress….. so I have something to do for the next days… Here is it late at night, soon I’m going to bed, new day tomorrow……

Still: I feel like I’m just taking to my self…

Have a good one!

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