Sunday | Mark 2;23-28

a moment of rest

Finding time to rest is so important. We all know it, but sometimes it’s so hard to give ourselves permission to sit down and breathe for more than a few moments. That’s why God invented the sabbath (Sunday), I think. Not especially for us to go to church and sit down with our congregations for an hour (although that is a good use of a Sunday as well) – but most of all because we need time to rest, to regroup, to recover from a week of hard work before we throw ourselves out into another week of much to-do.

I grew up with a lot of rules around this special day of the week, some of them were good (those I’ve kept) – others were not and tended to turn away from the main thing: finding rest in our selves and in our life + having time for God and our faith.

I love to think about how much God knows about us humans, much more than we know ourselves. I love to think how much God wants us to take care of us in the middle of it all; so we can be the best us that is and take on our everyday life with new-found energy from a slow day of rest and rekindling our faith in both God and us selves.

And Jesus concluded, “The Sabbath was made for the good of human beings; they were not made for the Sabbath.

Blessings for the week ahead.

Sunday | Matthew 18:21-35


Kyrie Eleison, we sing in our churches each Sunday (Norwegian, Lutheran).
Kyrie Eleison; Lord have mercy on us.

We ask for forgiveness like we have done as a church, a fellowship and followers of Christ since he walked among us and did good. We ask our Lord to look kindly on us, even though we have failed to follow his guides and his words. Sometimes it’s the little things we bring with us, sometimes it’s so huge we almost can’t sing the words. Sometimes we struggle with the concept of having to ask for forgiveness, sometimes we struggle with accepting that forgiveness is even a possibility. Sometimes we say the words out of habit, sometimes the words touch the very dept of our being.

sad face

Forgiveness is never an easy fix, neither when we show it to each other or when God forgives us. It can’t be forced; the hurt of the situation is real. It’s hard to ask for forgiveness too, admitting to our self and others that we did something wrong. Owning up to the hurt we inflicted on another life. But I believe in the power of it: to forgive and be forgiven is to set our self and others free – it’s a gift; a new start and a blank sheet.

Summer flowers
Blessings for the week ahead.

Sunday | John 8:2-11

Rocks in sand
One by one the rocks fell to the ground.
Only the dust in the air left the mark that they were ever once hold.

Didn’t even one of them condemn you? He asked.
No, Lord, she answered; knowing full well that there was one man left that could.

The man in front of her; that had bowed his head when she was thrown down in front of him and did not look at her in her shame. The man that wrote in the dust and held no rock in his hand in the first place.

Neither do I, he said looking up; Go! And sin no more.
His eyes were full of forgiving, love and hope.

She could start over again now.
No rocks were thrown that day. No hope shattered.
And no silent prayer of forgiveness went unanswered.

Rocks in the sand

We meet the same eyes, the same love, the same hope and forgiveness when we (although thrown down by or sins and wrong doings) dare to look for Jesus and ask for a new chance.
He is still answering those prayers with a heartfelt yes.

Blessings for the week ahead.

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