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Found | Inspiration : Books

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Book
I love reading a good book. Usually I grab one that’s on my nightstand if not every night, then every other night. In the summertime I love to read sitting outside (I long for summer now!) I have at least one ongoing reading project, but more often two or three. When I decided that this edition of Found | Inspiration should be about books I’ve been browsing both my book shelves and the internet. I’ve pinned a few favorites too to my Books Worth Reading or To-Read board. And right now I’m a bit overwhelmed, because there are just so many good books to grab hold of. Overwhelmed – and THANKFUL – I might add. I can not wait for the two books I ordered today to arrive, but until then let me tell you a little bit, and quite randomly, about what I’ve been loving reading:

Brenè Brown – I love every one of her books that I already have and her last one Daring Greatly is on my to-read list. She talks about how shame keeps us from living with out whole heart. She gives examples and writes in a way that both makes me understand what is happening – and makes me think. Her books is best read several times. She has a beautiful and newly redesigned website.

Tracy Clark – is a photographer and author, most know for her founding of the site Shuttersisters.com and for her books Expressive Photography and Elevate The Everyday. I’ve really found a lot of inspiration for my photography in the first book and the second one is on my to-read list.  

Beauty of different
Karen Walrond – a author and photographer I found last year. I love her blog Chookooloonks and love her photo style with her rich and colorful images. She reminds me to see for beauty everywhere – most of all in my fellow human beings and in my self. I love how she portraits people so beautifully how they are. So far The Beauty of Different is her only book, but I think she has started her second book, so look for that in a year or so.

Favorite Book Series
Alexander McCall Smith – an author I’ve been reading for quite some years. I find myself rereading his books more often than not. Especially the series about Mma Ramotswe; The No. 1 Detective Agency. It is a funny read with lots and lots of life’s everyday wisdom. A real feel good book – or rather books – there are over 10 in the series already.

Yrsa Sigurdsdottir – a new to me author this year, but I’ve read five of her books already (thanks to a friend introducing her to me). I love her writing style, how she keeps me on my toes throughout her books – one of them especially ended each and every chapter in suspense. I struggled as much with putting the book down as picking it up to read after dark. It was scary, entertaining and highly interesting. It’s called I Remember You and it’s not for the faint of heart 😉

Book   Coffee
Jennifer Worth – also a new to me author this year, have written a book about the life as a midwife in East End of London in the 1950s (this was also a recommendation from a friend). This is an interesting documentation about how life was in this area over 50 years ago. I have not finished reading it yet, but so far I’m intrigued. It’s called Call of the Midwife (and you might have seen the film already).

Favorite Moment
I’m stopping here. I’ve found quite a few more good reads along the way, some that are long time favorites too and not mentioned above – so look for another book post later in the year. I always love a book recommendation, so if you have – please share in the comments. I’m also looking for good thing to read for my kid or for him to read by himself.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!

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Found | Inspiration : by Food

It’s quite late – and it’s been a long day already – but I wanted to share a few more finds. This week: I’ve found a few good FOOD recipes and resources. Especially of the whole food kind. I can’t wait to try these ones out. Enjoy!

A Couple of Cooks
Important words about slowing down and take time to rest. This also goes for the way we prepare and eat our food. And What We Eat is more important than we want to admit.
This Tomato and Basil Soup with ricotta dumplings looks just delicious.
I’ve never tried kale before, but I’m intrigued to do so and this Healthy Rice Bowl with kale, red pepper and egg seems like just the recipe to try it out with.

(real) Food Loves Writing
I love how green this Lemon and Tarragon Pesto Dressing is. A must try this coming summer! (Can’t wait).

Sprouted Kitchen
Love how beautiful the photos are on this site. I think I am on a tomato roll lately because I found another soup that looked just as delicious as the one mentioned about, only different: Roasted Tomato Soup!

Lots and lots more out there! Please share your favorite finds in the comments.
I’m thinking of making this Found | Inspiration a weekend staple.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!



Found | Inspiration : by films

This year I’ve taken a lot of little videos of our life and happenings. I hope to make them into films one of these days, inspired by Xanthe Berkeley and her Time Capsules (I’ve attended her class Journey and are highly inspired by fellow classmates as well). As I pounder around how I’m going to make my own films, here are a few that is inspiring me right now – not just by the way they are shot but also by the content.

Check out Tiger in a Jar for even more inspiration.

And here is a favorite of mine by Xanthe. Love the colors!

What inspires you?. Please share in the comments.
Wishing you a happy weekend.
We have the weekend off and are planning to spend it together just the two of us (+ our dog Ferdinand). MT is going to bake(!), he also agreed to wash our dog. I’m going to start making a film from favorite photos + videos shot last summer (wish me luck!), walk the dog and relax. I can also see a movie night and reading of Harry Potter in the immediate future. We have plenty of happenings on the plate for the coming weeks, this weekend is for charging the batteries (so to speak) and being together. Bliss.

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